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Hello and Welcome people....

This is Atharv Goyal welcoming all of you into my world of fun, mischief and lots of love!

Born a naughty brat, my life up till now has surely been adventurous. Every day I am learning new things, that is, apart from crying, peeping and pooping which is normal now! ?

Born on 29th july 2010 to Ashutosh and Shailza Goyal my birth place is Panchkula. This is where my dada, dadi and chachu live. I like this city. There is so much green grass and tall trees here for me to look at. Many uncles here wear huge cap like things on their head. I think they call it a turban. I love them! They are of so many colors and I LOVE colors.


I have learnt so much in 1 year. It has been an awesome journey so far.
I love Eating,
making Funny Faces
making spit bubbles
and ofcourse Breaking Cups and Mugs!

But of all, my favourite thing to do is smile and generally running around!
I also love music and I simply love it when mummy sings for me.
She may be no Britney but she can sing good!

Now that you are starting to know me, let me introduce you to all to my world. Well, pull up a chair and have a look around in this website. There is so much stuff here about me. You can find out what has been happening in my world and if you can't yet read you can just look at the pictures .

   Just Arrived....

Name : Atharv Goyal
Gender: Male
Born : July 29, 2010 at 5:47 PM.
Parents: Shailza and Ashutosh
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Black