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My Grand Parents

My Dadu

I love my dada ji and he loves me a lot too. He pampers me with new toys and gifts and plays with me too. He takes me with him on his walks and makes me meet his friends. He teaches me so many awesome things that I love having him around me. Whenever I come to panchkula , he always takes me to a religious place.




My Dadi

An amazing cook, my dadiji is crazy about me. She also knows so many stories. She takes me on her lap and tells me stories of kings and princes. Sometimes she speaks some kind of language which even I dont understand but I surely knows she always keeps on trying me make happy. She loves me a lot and I too adore her! I love sleeping with her when my mommy is busy or away.


My Nanu

My nanaji too is very dear to me and I love him dearly. We have so much fun together. He takes me in his car on a ride around the city. I love it so much! He also gets me these amazing gifts and makes me feel special. I love playing with him as he never seems to get tired only! Love you nanaji!


My Nani

My nani maa too is an excellent cook and makes tasty food for me. She takes so good care of me. She also narrates to me these amazing stories that have me all amazed. She loves getting me new clothes and I love wearing them! She takes me out to the park and to meet other people living around. She is indeed one smart nani ma to have!