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My Parents

My Mom

My mother’s name is Shailza. She is by far the coolest mom around! I think she is a magician because she understands what I want even without me saying it! wooaah that’s cool huh!

Papa says that mommy is a biotechnologist ( phew! That was one BIG word to remember!). so that makes her super brainy too! so she is now the coolest super brainy mom around!

We spend so much time playing together. She looks after me, bathes me, sings songs for me and even cooks these amazing dishes for me to eat.
. She is the BEST.

My Dad

Ashutosh Goyal is my father. He works in a bank. A bank is a place where people store money. Now that is good. I don’t have to worry about my pocket money because my papa works with money! Cooooollll !!

He goes to office in the morning and comes back home in the evening. I wait for him to come back coz then he plays with me. Sometimes he does crazy things with me which I like. I love playing with him. The best thing that I love doing with him is going for rides in the car. I love sitting next to him and see him drive the car. He also gets me these amazing toys to play with. AWESOME I say